HCT-L8 Pick & Place Machine for Copper Wire LED String Lights

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HCT-L8 Pick & Place Machine for Copper Wire LED String Lights

Product Abstract:

High speed dedicated pick & place machine assemble Copper Wire LED String Lights / Copper String Lights at speed reaching 42,000-60,000 LEDs per hour.

Product Description

HCT-L8 Pick & Place Machine for Copper LED String Lights

Assemble Copper Wire LED String Lights at speed reaching 42,000-60,000 LEDs per hour with the high-speed, dedicated HCT-L8 Pick & Place Machine.   

HCT-L8 is semi-automatic pick & place machine especially developed for Copper Wire LED String Lights assembly..

This semi-automatic LED placement machines with SERVO MOTORS & BALL SCREW DRIVING is suitable for medium-sized production, specially designed for LED lighting manufactory.

This LED pick & place machine is easy to program and operate with our own developed software. There is good mounting capability, high accuracy, reliability and excellent cost performance for Copper Wire String Lights.


Our pick and place machines are ideal for small and medium manufacturing enterprises for it solves the problem of rising labor and equipment maintenance costs. You can rely on our machines to consistently produce high volume and stable quality products. 

Production Capacity


Copper String Lights 

0603(120chip)- 84000M/Day

(10 chip/m, group picking & separate placing )

0603(120chip)- 120000M/Day

(10 chip/m, group picking & group placing)

1. Optimized pick / place routing design, ensures precision end speed 
2. Each mounting head has its own Z - direction servo motor, which is designed for vertical motion 
3. Works with different types of high-precision nozzle 
4. Also suit for variety of SMD LED components, and high-power LED 
5. Using imported high precision ball screw, motor, electromagnetic valve, cable, etc., effectively improve the placement accuracy, stability and service life of machine

Placement Specifications

Number of Placement Heads


Rated Placement Speed

60,000 cph

Average Placement Speed (Optimum)

40,000 cph

Placement Accuracy


Minimum LED Size

1.6 mm × 0.8 mm (0.06 in × 0.03 in)

Maximum LED Size

7.4 mm × 7.4 mm × 6 mm (0.29" × 0.29" × 0.24")

Alignment Method

Bottom vision standard

Capability for Other SMDs

IC < 10 mm × 10 mm (0.59" × 0.47", pitch > 0.5mm), Resistor, Capacitor, Inductor, Diode, Audion, Transistor, SOT, SOP, QFP, QFN, CSP, and etc.

Pick Up Specifications

Negative Pressure Detection


Components Shortage Alarm


Integral Vacuum


Board Handling Specifications

Board Handling Method

Magnetic fixture worktable

Maximum Board Length

1500 mm (59.1") standard
Full length assembled in a single pass

Maximum Board Width

390 mm (12.2")

Board Thickness

0.5 mm to 3.0 mm (0.02" to 0.12")

Fiducial Recognition/
Coordinate Correction


Feeder Capacity

Feeder Type


Maximum No. of Feeder Ports


Tape Feeder Sizes

8, 12, 16 and 24 mm


Operating System

Windows 7

PC, Keyboard, Mouse



Flat LED

Programming Camera


Numeric Data Entry


CSV Import


Step and Repeat for Matrix Boards


Mechanical Specifications

X Axis Drive Mechanism

Ball Screw & Linear Guide Rail

X Axis Drive Motor

AC Servo

Y Axis Drive Mechanism

Ball Screw & Linear Guide Rail

Y Axis Drive Motor

AC Servo

Worktable Drive Mechanism

Ball Screw & Linear Guide Rail

Worktable Drive Motor

AC Servo

Transmission Drive Mechanism


Transmission Drive Motor

DC Stepper

Z Axis Drive Mechanism


Z Axis Drive Motor

AC Servo

X-Y Axis Resolution

0.01 mm (0.0004")

Z Axis Resolution

0.01 mm (0.0004")

T Axis Range of Motion


Physical Specifications

Overall Dimensions

(L x W x H)

2000 mm x 1150 mm x 1400 mm (78.7" x 45.3" x 55.1")

Approximate Net Weight

1600 Kg

Facility Requirements

Standard Voltage

220 V - Single Phase, 50/60Hz

Air Pressure

0.6MPa (6.0kgf/cm2)

Service and Support

Remote Diagnostics



1 Year

1.Feeder: 9PCS
2.Nozzle: 10PCS
3.Operation Manual
4.Hexagon Wrench 1SET
5.Spare Parts Kit: 1SET


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